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A yacht has pretty much the same structure, except if her owner makes her baby adored, the yacht becomes a jargon of the sea. But logically the private yachts deposited for rent are intended for the rest of a family.

Visit a yacht online

You can rent a yacht for two hours, and the price varies between 300 and 600 euros. Then a rental of an evening, without lifting the ink but for a birthday, a wedding or even a cabaret, will be between 1,500 to 3,000 euros, of course the crews are at your disposal. And then a daily rental for 1,500 to 2,500 euros, which will depend on his itinerary. And the rental weekdays, the shortest lasts 6 days, for a sum of 22,000 euros. But a new offer has emerged recently was to rent cabins to sleep at night, and the price depends on the delivery of the customer, but on average with dinner on board, it will be between 150 and 300 euros.

The conditions for renting a yacht

Normally, a yacht is rented with its staff on board, but you can find it without skipper. This type of yacht without skipper is a little smaller, with a maximum of six people on board, but the fare is still the same. The difference is this privilege of doing family adventures. This kind of rental requires a deposit before departure, and it is always 10% of the total rental. You should have an all-risk insurance when you rent a yacht without skipper, of course the boat license is always useful. And do not forget to spend the two hours to make the pass and to initiate the boat. You should worry about the provisions on board, especially fresh water to drink and cook the meal.

The real beauty of a yacht lies in its ability to offer authentic sailing while offering maximum luxury on board.