A full face snorkeling mask for beginners

It is our opinion that everyone should be able to enjoy the ocean while on vacation or living aboard a yacht. There is so much to see and explore in the sea (no pun intended) that it is disappointing for people who do not enjoy swimming or fully submerging their face underwater. Luckily there is a new type of full face snorkel mask that makes it super easy to get into snorkeling or scuba diving for beginners!

The Triboard easybreath is a Full Face Snorkel Mask that allows the user to see everything underwater and not have to worry about their snorkeling equipment getting in the way! The full face design allows any leaking water to slide down the front lens and be purged out of the mouth piece while you breathe normally. A very cool and handy feature. This mask firmly straps into place with 3 high quality straps and won’t easily be dislodged, good news for those who are slightly afraid of getting their face wet.

Several of our friends got a chance to try these full face snorkeling masks out during our last trip to Barbados. We spend several days exploring the Local coral reefs with our gear and paddling around in the beautiful warm ocean waters. Even some of those who were not strong swimmers or who had never snorkeled before got into it with the use of these neat masks. So don’t underestimate yourself and give them a shot!
best full face snorkel mask

Just be sure to be safe while you swim around taking in the sights! The biggest danger to snorkelers are other yachts and water craft such as jet skis, speed boats and the like. A snorkeler is often diving in the water with only the small breathing tube visible above the surface. Since these boats can play the same areas snorkelers and scuba divers often visit, the chance for accidental injury always exists. Sailboats and wind surfers are a certainly a potential hazard as their quiet propulsion systems may not warn the snorkeler of their approach. A diver may surface directly under a boat and smash their head, which is never fun! Several locations mark off small craft areas from swimming and snorkeling areas as a safety precaution. Unlike that done for regular beach-bathers, which are normally marked by buoys and signs. Snorkelers should choose to wear bright or highly reflective shorts or wetsuits with high visibility colors or to utilize dive flags to help with easy spotting by fellow boaters and other potential hazards.
full face snorkel mask swimming

By using a full face snorkel mask you dramatically increase your field of view which can really help you avoid injury and take in the most of the beautiful view. We hope this article helped you enjoy your next snorkeling trip!

Avoid Knee injuries by using the best scuba fins

It’s no secret that scuba diving is an amazing hobby that many people enjoy as an adventure filled pass time. From the Caribbean seas to the chillier pacific coasts, there is always so much to see and do under the waves! One of the benefits of diving all the time is it actually provides you with a fantastic full body workout, there is a reason most people have an afternoon siesta between dives! It can really take a toll on your body if you are not careful, and there is one area that many divers don’t even think about!

Your knees. Using standard issue scuba fins can actually add additional stress to knee joints and cause long term damage if you are not careful. The added water resistance on non hydrodynamic fins and cause the knees to bend in awkward angles and actually damage the cartilage of the knees over time. This is why we highly recommend finding the best scuba fins you can to ensure the least amount of physical stress on your joints while you enjoy your scuba diving experience.
best scuba fins

There is a wide variety of scuba fins on the market and you will need to consider your level of experience, kicking style and ability, leg power and type of scuba diving you will be doing in order to determine which type of dive fin will be best for you. Diving fins should not be too short , or too long (like free diving or spearfishing fins). As a general rule, the stronger your legs, the longer and stiffer the diving fins should be. Fins with rigid sides and a flexible middle made up of different materials will generally provide more underwater thrust power with much less exertion. Many of the best scuba fins will incorporate various materials in the blade construction and foot pocket design. These can include materials such as carbon fiber, graphite and polymers. The goal is to get the best amount of energy transfer from the leg to the fin with each and every kick. There is a ton of science and industrial design that goes into making the best scuba fins so be sure to do your research!

best dive fins
We love to have a pair of scuba diving fins on hand at all times on the deck of our private yacht, should the occasion to leap overboard and explore a coral reef arise at any point!

Where to find the best mens dive watches

There is nothing quite like a premium men’s dive watch to add a sense of class and elegance to any outfit while traveling. Not to mention dive watches are waterproof at depth and can handle anything you throw at it. There are many famous actors and on screen characters like James Bond who wear a classic style dive watch, and when paired with a nice suit or blazer, they can add a touch of mystery and adventure to a man in his prime.

There are multiple factors to consider when looking for a men’s dive watch, price, style and design. A stainless steel dive watch can look fantastic in most situations, from formal to lounging on the deck of your private yacht. While another option might be to go with a more rugged looking rubber watch band to accommodate a more action orientated lifestyle. The choice is yours as there are so many options available out there, just take a look at this list of the best Dive watches online to help you make up your mind. Or better yet, treat yourself to a couple and really be covered!

best mens diving watch

Analog diving watches will often feature a spinning front bezel, that allows for an easier reading of elapsed time of under one hour from a specific point. This is used to calculate the total length of a scuba diving excursion. Upon entering the water, the diver aligns the zero on the bezel with the minute (or sometimes second) hand, allowing the amount of passed time to be read from the watch at any time. This helps save a scuba diver having to remember the exact moment of water entry and having to perform calculations that would be necessary if the watch’s regular dial was used. The Bezel is often stainless steel to help avoid water corrosion and features a crystal display to help stop scratches
best mens diving watch
On divers watches the bezel contains a  one way ratchet so it can only be turned anti-clockwise to increase the apparent elapsed time, should the bezel be unintentionally turned further during the dive. This is an important safety feature. If the bezel could be turned clockwise, this could suggest to a diver that the elapsed time is shorter than reality, thus indicating a falsely shorter elapsed dive time reading, and therefore falsely short saturation period, an assumption that can be highly hazardous and even possibly cause the bends. Some diving watch models feature a lockable bezel to eliminate the chance of unintended bezel operation under water during a dive.

So there you have it! Hopefully you are now able to find yourself the perfect men’s dive watch for yourself or as a gift for a loved one. The best dive watches are high end tools and great looking jewelry so be sure to find one that really catches the eye! A dive watch should not be confused with a DIVE COMPUTER, which you can see some video reviews of below!

For those of you looking for dive computer reviews, we hope these really help out as well!